Sunday, August 28, 2011

Run and Ice

I went out to the park this morning and ran 2.8 miles on the trails and then went home and iced my plantar faciitis. Tomorrow, I will get an appointment with a podiatrist for treatment and probably, new orthotics.


Marv said...

Ken: Sorry to hear about the injuries. Not good, ramping up for the marathon marathon you have scheduled. Hopefully, stuff that hurts will just give up and leave you alone.

Streaker said...

Thanks, Marvin. As you are well aware, the body is complicated. Some problems physically hold us back and others mentally retrict us. I think as we get older, it is easier to sort out which is which. As you are aware, our friend, Jerry Flanagan, 71, fell and broke his hip at a race last month. They replaced the ball and the joint and told him his running days or over. He is already running again and is determined to do the San Antonio Half Marathon in November. Knowing Jerry, he probably will.