Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marathon Changes

If you have read my blog for a while, you will realize that I not only run every day, I have races that I do every year and even marathon series that I do every year. Guess I'm a streaker at heart. One streak I am breaking this year after 9 consecutive years is the Bearkat Bash 5K in Spring. They increased the early entry fee to $30. I called the race director and told her it was too high for a 5K. While it is probably for a good cause, the general running public (including me) does not care what the cause is. I race for other reasons.
I just found out today that the Texas Trail 50K (I have completed the last 15 years) has been moved from December 10 to December 3. I had planned to run it on the 10th and then drive over to College Station (50 miles) and run the BCS Marathon the next day. Now, the Texas Trail 50K is the day before the White Rock Marathon in Dallas, which is part of the Marathons of Texas series (White Rock, Houston and Austin), which I have done for the last two years. So I am thinking about skipping White Rock and Austin and the Marathons of Texas series this year, which means that I would not have to do two marathons in a weekend twice this season. I'll probably just wait and see how my training goes and how my hamstrings hold up in my first marathon of the season in Tyler on October 9.
In the meantime, I am signed up for the Reliant Stadium Indoor Marathon in Houston on November 19. I have contacted a lot of runner friends and cannot find anyone else running the marathon or the half marathon event. I emailed the race director and asked how many are signed up. He answered my email, but did not answer the question. My guess is that there are not many. He said that they are putting out a news release for the Houston Chronical in a couple weeks. I hope that they are not thinking about cancelling the race. I am looking forward to running a 1.2 mile course across the playing field and up and down the ramps to three levels - 22 times.
I went to the track this evening and ran a new course on the roads in town. The college students are back in town, so I avoided the streets around the campus. While I was running, a thunderstorm blew in and I headed back toward the track. I ended up running 2.1 miles. While it rained in town, there was very little rain at my house, three miles west. Maybe tomorrow.

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