Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Other Running Blogs

I read other running blogs and am always impressed by the adventures and experiences of other runners.  Many are well-written and creatively displayed.  My blog seems to be more of a log of my daily running.  While most of my posts are short and report my distance for the day, latest pain or completed race, I think it reflects of life of streaking.  Sometimes, it is even hard to come up with a title for the daily entry.  Unless I am befallen with a serious injury or illness that keeps me from running at least a mile, I will get out and run.  That has not occurred in over two and a half years, so I will keep working on my streak and writing short reports.  Do not expect more from this blog.  If you are inspired by my consistency, wonderful.
In the meantime, I ran 2 miles on the park roads this evening, while the others ran trails.  It was very humid and even rained a little during the run.  No complaints about the rain, but got none at my house.

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Marv said...

Yes, I am inspired by your consistency. Keep running: keep blogging, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY- again.