Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Signed up for the Texas Trail 50K

Today, I signed up for the Texas Trail 50K at Huntsville State Park on December 3. This is the replacement race for the Sunmart Texas Trail Endurance Run, which was held for 19 years and discontinued 3 years ago. This will be my 16th consecutive year for running this 50K (31 miles). It is a good thing that they have a 10-hour time limit; I may need it all. I had my last treatment on my hamstring this morning, but it will take a while to fully heal. December 3rd is also the day that our local 11 and 0 Sam Houston State Bearkats and ranked number 1 in the nation (small colleges) play their first playoff game. The race starts and 7 a.m. and the game at 2 p.m. At best, I will be able to only make the last part of the game.
I went to the track and ran laps this afternoon. Afterwards, I went to Nautilus to work out but they were closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.


Marv said...

For some reason I thought this event was the same day as the Aggie Marathon. I wish you well Ken. If they have something shorter than 50K, I may sign up for it..but will check the site.

Streaker said...

Marvin - They also have a 20K. The BCS Marathon is the next weekend. Hope to see you at both.