Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Short Road Run

I had a second treatment on my left hamstring this morning, mowed my grass (the little that is not dead from the dought), worked out at Nautilus and then ran 1.6 miles on the roads in town. My friend, Willie Fritz, was running in an opposite direction and we stopped for a brief visit. Willie is the head football coach for the Sam Houston State Bearkats, which are 8 and zero and ranked number 4 among small colleges in the U.S. Willie is a good runner, too.


Vince A. said...

Just checking, with that stop did you complete a continuous mile? :))

Streaker said...

Sure. I ran into him 1/10th of a mile into my run, so I ran 1 and a half continuous. Thanks for checking up on me. I have family coming in Sunday, so I will miss the Sunday Night 5K. Please tell Bill that I am still alive.