Friday, November 4, 2011

Reliant Stadium Indoor Marathon Cancelled

I received a letter and entry fee refund check today from the Reliant Stadium Indoor Marathon, which was scheduled for November 19. It has been cancelled due to a lack participants. Darn, I was looking forward to the challenge of running 22 laps across the field and up and down the ramps of all three levels of the stadium. I cannot imagine why there was an insufficient number of Houston runners signing up.
My computer would not connect to the Internet this morning and I spent much of today on the phone with AT&T. It turned out that my modem was bad and I had to drive down to Best Buy in Conroe this afternoon to buy a new one. Ran laps at the track when I got back and then went out to the park with James and Ben to set up the aid station in the back of the park that our club will operate for the Rocky Raccoon 50K and 25K tomorrow. Then, we hiked a couple miles on the trails to set up a turn sign at one of the trail intersections. I talked to AT&T again tonight and got connected again.

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