Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Signed up for the Miracle Match Marathon

I just signed up for the Miracle Match Marathon in Waco, Texas, which will be on January 29, 2012, two weeks after Houston and one week before the Rocky Raccoon 50-Miler at Huntsville State Park. I have run it twice before. While it is very hilly (mile 14 to 24), logistically it is easy. No big crowds, park close by and hang out at the hotel next to the start/finish line until the race starts.
My annual park pass expired yesterday, so I went to the park this morning to renew it. They went up 10 bucks to $70. Since I go there about 150 times a year, it is worth it. We had a large group for our Tuesday run this evening. We split up into about 4 groups, each running a different course. I ran 3 miles on the park roads, while everyone else ran trails.

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Marv said...

Miracle Match is supposed to be a tough marathon. Hope your body holds together for all this, Ken.
70 bucks for a pass...didn't know that.