Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Measuring Trails

After my appointment for treatment of my hamstring, I met up with Lloyd Cain at the state park. He is the cross country coach at Onalaska, Texas HS and was trying to work out a course at the park for his runners. Lloyd lives in Livingston, Texas and he and I go back for nearly 25 years. He was president of the running club in Livingston and he use to put on a lot of good races. I was a member of his club before it shut down. I have not seen him for years, so we had a good visit today. We measured some trails and worked out a plan for his team.
I then went to Nautilus for a workout and ran 2 miles on the roads in town. Darn, it was hot today. There is a tropical storm in the Gulf and hopefully we will get some rain in the next few days. My yard is so dry and cracked I fear walking across it because I may step in a crevasse and sprain an ankle.

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