Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marathon Schedule Taking Shape

My 2011/12 marathon schedule is taking shape. Hopefully, my hamstrings will be healed soon. I have appointments for two more treatments this week. Here is the schedule so far (* means that I have registered):
October 9 - Tyler Rose Marathon*
October 15 - Marathon2Marathon
November 5 - Rocky Raccoon 50K Trail Run*
November 13 - Fort Worth Marathon
November 19 - Reliant Stadium Indoor Marathon*
December 4 - White Rock Marathon
December 10 - Texas Trail 50K
December 11 - BCS Marathon*
January 1 - Texas Marathon*
January 15 - Houston Marathon*
January 29 - Miracle Match Marathon
February 4 - Rocky Raccoon 50-Mile Trail Run
February 11 - Orphan Hope Trail Marathon
February 18 - Surfside Beach Marathon*
February 19 - Austin Marathon
March 3 - The Woodlands Marathon*
March 10 - Gusher Marathon
March 18 - Seabrook Marathon*
All 18 of these are Texas marathons. The challenge will be two doubles (2 marathons on the same weekend). I ran a double year before last and in retrospect, it was not that difficult. I ran faster the second day. I am convinced it is 90 percent mental.
I got up late this morning and went out to the park and ran 3 miles on the park roads. I finished up just about the same time the group was finishing their longer trail run.

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Marv said...

Ken: Amazing you would want to try that again. I have copied and pasted your schedule into a Word file to keep up. Hope the hamstrings heal OK....thanks for the inspiration.