Thursday, January 26, 2017

My bug is gone

I have had this 1974 VW bug convertible for nearly 20 years.  For the last few years, it has just been taking up space in my garage.  I sold it today to a local police officer.  Now I look forward to seeing it again on the streets of Huntsville.
After working out at Iron Works, I went out to the park to run trails this evening.  After a little over a mile, a groin muscle started to hurting, so much that I had to stop and walk a bit.  I finished up what has become my normal 2.5-mile loop, but walked several times when it hurt.  While it has not bothered me this week until today, I think it was a pull at the half marathon on Sunday.  When I got home this evening, I took some Ibuprohen and put heat on it.  I have a 10-mile race on Sunday, so hopefully it will be okay by then.  The next weekend, I have a 5K and a half marathon.

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