Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The streak made me do it

After I got up this morning, I developed serious pain in my lower back.  I'm not sure what caused it, but I spent part of the day laying on a heating pad.  It was difficult to get around.  If it was not for my streak, I would certainly have not have run today.  I did skip Iron Works and went out to the park this evening.  I managed to get in a slow and painful 1.1-mile run on the trails.  My experience is that pain that comes on suddenly seems to go away suddenly.  Hopefully, I will be back to normal tomorrow.


Marvin Dittfurth said...

I hope your experience is right about coming suddenly, leaving suddenly...I am dealing with a back issue myself and don't know where it came from..but, I get around OK, once I get out of the chair or bed...getting up is painful...standing a lot... :)
take care,

Streaker said...

Sorry to hear about your back problem, Marvin. Being over 70 is not for sissies, you know. I think for us, back problems is for over use. Sure better than problems that result from a sedentary life style.