Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tempted to get back on the trails

I have stayed off the trails all summer for fear of tripping and repulling my hamstrings.  I keep meeting the group at the park and running the hilly paved park roads while the others run trails.  This evening, I ran 3 miles.  Starting with the Tyler Marathon on October 6, I hope to get in 3 road marathons in October.  Then, I plan to run the Rocky Raccoon 50K Trail Run at Huntsville State Park on November 3 and the Texas Trail 50K at the same park on December 1.  Both are streak races.  This will be my 12th consecutive year for Rocky Raccoon and my 17th for the Sunmart/Texas Trail 50K.  If I can resist the temptation, I will wait until late September before getting back on the trails.  Long training runs on the trails seem a lot easier than long runs on the roads.

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Marv said...

I would agree, Ken, on staying off the trails until late September. You are doing so well right now. And, out here on the trails the horesflys are bad. Waiting until later might get you out of some of that.