Monday, August 13, 2012

Shoe Report

Maybe it is the way I run, but I seem to go through a lot of shoes.  The Saucony's that I tried this summer lasted 29 days (69 miles).  On June 15, I started running in a pair of Asics Fortitude 4's.  My last run in them was yesterday.  The left heel came apart and the outter right heel was worn out.  Those are going in the trash can.  They lasted 59 days (163 miles).  This evening, I started running in a new pair of Asics Fortitude 5's ($97 with my running club discount).  My break-in run was 1.3 miles on the roads in town.


Marv said...

Let me know if you find a good solid pair of shoes. I bought a pair of Zoot Ultra Kanes and one shoe was loose in the heel and a lot of the outer sole came off after only 25 miles.
Got a pair of New Balance and they are not working out: No support. I used to know what shoe to buy and just order..sort of lost my way on shoes.

Streaker said...

I wear custom orthotics and the shoe stores tell me that I need a nuetral shoe. The Asics Fortitude is suppose to be the best for custom orthotics. I tried the lighter Saucony's, but they only lasted 29 days. Hopefully, the Fortitude 5's will last longer than the 4's. By the way, Marvin, I was at the Academy in College Station this afternoon and bought a camelback. I will try it this weekend. I did not realize that that was you in the parking lot this afternoon until Ben told me.