Thursday, August 2, 2012

Six Chicks Showed up at the Park

When we run at the state park, the group meets at the parking lot outside the park next the the I-45 service road and then drives into the park together.  This evening, there were six chickens hanging out in the parking lot.  I cannot imagine where they came from or how they got there.  We did find out that chickens love M&M's.  I ran 2.2 miles on the park roads with James, while the others ran trails.  When we left the park, the chickens were still in the parking lot.


Marv said...

So you left six chickens on a sugar high in the parking lot? I am sure other park visitors appreciated that. By the time you got your run in, they were probably on a sugar crash and didn't have the energy to leave. :)

Glad to see you staying off the trails.

Streaker said...

By the way, I was not the one who fed them M&M's. I wonder if they are still there in the parking lot next to the Interstate.