Friday, July 17, 2009

Will the Rain Revive the Dead Grass?

It was nice getting a good rain this morning, but I have so much dead grass, I'm not sure how much it will help. I also received my water bill today and it was three times the normal amount. Yes, it has been a hot and dry summer.
I did a two mile run this evening. Next month, I will start getting serious with my distance. Today, I signed up for the White Rock Marathon in December and the Houston Marathon in January. Right now, my marathon plans for this year:

October 31 - Helen Klein Classic 50K, Sacramento, CA
November - marathon, somewhere
December 13 - White Rock Marathon
January 1 - Texas Marathon, Kingwood
January 17 - Houston Marathon
February 13 - Surfside Beach Marathon
February 14 - Austin Marathon
March - Seabrook Marathon


Curtis said...

Lots of road running! What trail races will you be running?

Streaker said...

I will definitely do the Rocky Raccoon 25K on November 7, after doing the Ramp Romp 5K at Kyle Field earlier that morning. Both are on my race streak list. I am looking at a trail marathon in Shreveport, LA later in November.

Vince A. said...

I'll be there at White Rock.