Friday, August 12, 2016

Exciting laps

I went over to run laps at the track this evening.  As I was finishing, a car drove by at a very high rate of speed.  I watched him pass another car on the street that runs by the track.  Then, he never slowed down for the next intersection on the corner (Ave. O & 19th St.).  He hit another car in the intersection and then slammed into a tree and embankment. About the time he wrecked, here come 3 police cars chasing him.  He jumps out of the car and starts running through the neighborhood.  I watched the whole sequence of events.  The police caught him a block away.  The guy in the car he hit was hurt, but apparently will be okay.  I have not seen anything on the news yet, so I do not know why they were chasing him.  I am just thankful that no one was killed.  I have run through that intersection hundreds of times over the years.

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Marvin Dittfurth said...

Interesting run there Ken. Glad you weren't running through there about that time.