Friday, August 5, 2016


Today was my 2,483rd consecutive day of running.  This ties my longest streak, which I broke in October 2009.  On that day, I was just over 1 mile on a 3-mile road run at Huntsville State Park.  I was going down a short, but steep hill, when I got a tremendous knee pain.  I ran a painful mile the following day before I had an MRI done.  The doctor looked at the MRI and said that I tore 80 percent of my quadraceps attached to my left knee.  He convinced me not run run for fear of tearing the other 20 percent.  So, I did not run for 4 days.  I saw an orthopedic surgeon who confirmed the tear.  However, he said that it was not a new tear and I could run all I wanted to.  The pain was probably just some bone hitting bone.  The other doctor specifically told me that I tore it that week.  So, I started a new streak on October 19, 2009, thinking that I would be 75 years old when I got back to 2,483 days.  Darn, I'm there.  Late this morning, I went to Huntsville State Park to run the same 3-mile course that I tried to run when I broke my streak.  I was especially careful going down that steep hill.  I finished it this time.

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