Saturday, October 24, 2015

Race for Success Half Marathon

I drove an hour and a half over to Lufkin this morning to run the Race for Success Half Marathon at 8 a.m.  I expected to cut some time off last Saturday's Huntsville Half Marathon, but it did not happen.  The rain held off until after the race, but the humidity was virtually at 100%.  I ran every step of the race and tried to take on 2 cups of water at every aid station, but in the end I was dehydrated.  I really got dizzy after the race and drank 4 bottles of water.  I eventually felt okay to drive home.  My time was around 3:12 and I was last in the race.  I'm not sure how many finishers there were, but they 59 registered runners before the race.  The last couple miles, the high school cross country team jumped in and ran to the finish with me.  I enjoyed visiting with them.  It was great seeing a lot of my Lufkin friends and thanks to Cindy Sosa Springs, Sara Neal and Steve Allen for "watering me down" after the race and making sure I was okay.  I really feel drained this evening and have a blister on my toe, too.  Glad I do not have another race tomorrow.  The good news is that it rained all the way home and has been raining in Huntsville ever since.  My rain gauge says 4 inches and it is suppose to rain all night tonight and all day tomorrow.  I hate that the people in Mexico had to under Hurricane Patricia, but we appreciate the rain that it brought.


Marvin Dittfurth said...

Humidity, dizzy...not good Ken. I do hope this is temporary for you. Congratulations on your finish under those conditions.

Streaker said...

Thanks, Marvin. Guess I had better start taking Electrolyte capsules that I took during marathons. Hope your training is going well.