Monday, September 17, 2012

Annual Physical

I went in for my annual physical this afternoon.  All went well, but I have to go in tomorrow morning for the blood work.  My left forefoot is very sore and really hurts after 10 miles or so.  My doctor referred me to a podiatrist, but was not confident about a quick fix before the marathon on October 7.  I will try to get a quick appointment tomorrow.  This evening, I worked out at Nautilus and then ran the hilly Avenues 5K course.


Marv said...

Glad the physical went well. Hope the foot heals very quickly. It is always something, it seems, and I don't think it is necessarily age but use. But that is much better than resting and rusting to death.

Streaker said...

Just got off the phone with a local podiatrist's office. I have an appointment at 3 this afternoon. Yeah!