Sunday, September 23, 2012

18 Miles and a Spider

I went out to the park late this morning when it was good and hot and ran 10 miles on the park roads and another 8 miles on the trails, for a total of 18.  When I stopped at my truck in the parking lot to rehydrate, I ran into my friend, Karen Felicidario from The Woodlands.  She was also rehydrating between trail loops.  We looked down on the asphalt and there was a spider at our feet.  See Karen's photo above.  The big ball on the spider's back are seemingly hundreds of small baby spiders.  No wonder they say that if you are in Texas that you are never over 3 feet from a spider.


savetheneighbors! said...
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K said...

Sorry, Ken...I posted under my son's account!

It was great to see you yesterday! You amaze me with your streak!

Hopefully next time we see each other it will be a little cooler!