Friday, April 30, 2021

Streak Ended

 My 4th streak has ended.  The last day I ran was April 28, 2021, ending a 11-year, 6-month and 10-day streak.  My headaches continued today and with chest pain.  I went to the doctor this afternoon,  The pacemaker is working fine.  The headache is due to the sudden normal pulse rate, after so long at a slow rate.  The chest pain is from the surgery trauma (they removed the old heart monitor and inserted the pacemaker in a different place.  I go back to the doctor on May 12,  In the meantime, I have to wear s sling on the left arm, cannot get the bandage wet, cannot drive or run.  The danger is the wires being pulled out of the heart and infection.  I plan to start another streak when I can.  Thanks for your support.  The fact that a few people read this blog is a huge motivator.  I'll post again when I start streak number 5.

1 comment: said...

Hope you get news tomorrow to get back and get a new streak started on the 12th or 13th.