Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Woodlands Half Marathon & Sunday Night 5K

I got up at 5 a.m. on Saturday and went down to The Woodlands to run The Woodlands Half Marathon.  It got rather hot and humid and I finished several minutes slower than last year.  The timing system did not pick up my finish and I was not listed in the results, but, according to my watch, it was right at 3:02 (last year it was 2:58).  In any case, it was my 70th half marathon.  After returning to Huntsville and a shower, I drove 135 miles up to Tyler for my nephew's wedding at 4 p.m..  I did not mention it in my previous blog entry, but just before leaving for the Expo on Friday, I found out that my brother passed away that morning.  It was his grandson, who was getting married.  With family already in town and so much invested in the wedding, they went ahead with it.  They are planning on having the funeral next Sunday.  I spent last night in Tyler and drove back to Huntsville this afternoon.  I got back in time to go back to The Woodlands to run the Sunday Night 5K.  Jon Walk and I ran together and we finished in 36:30.  It was my 866th race and my 2,331st consecutive day of running.  Next is the Longview Half Marathon on Saturday.

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