Friday, November 27, 2015

Friends of the Running Community 5K

My friends, Jon Walk and Bill Dwyer, put on a special 5K in The Woodlands this morning to complete the Montgomery County Triple Series.  They called the Friends of the Running Community 5K.  The first in the series was the Run Thru the Woods 5-Miler yesterday and the last is the Run the Woodlands 5K tomorrow.  After eating so much yesterday, I really felt sluggish and my time showed it.  I finished in 40:48.  It was non-competitive and I had a great time visiting some good friends.  They gave me bib number 78 to mark my 78th race this year.  This afternoon, I drove 75 miles over to Somerville for another family get-together with my daughter-in-law's family.  More food and we have a club run at 9 a.m. tomorrow in the cold and rain.

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Anonymous said...

Bib 78 for 78 - awesome