Saturday, October 5, 2013

St. Anthony's Fall Fest 5K

After driving to Wylie (northeast of Dallas) yesterday, I attended a local high school football game last night.  After the game, we walked across a field to get to where the car was parked.  I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle.  It was sore this morning, but I ran the St. Anthony's Fall Fest 5K in Wylie at 8 this morning  It was hot and sunny and I finished in just over 39 minutes (2nd in the 65 and over age group).  My time was slower than usual, but the ankle did not seeem to bother me while running. At 10:30 a.m., I attended my granddaughter's soccer game in Wylie.  It was in the mid-50's, raining and windy.  What a contrast to the weather a couple hours earlier!  Tonight, the ankle is still sore.  I always worry about injuries in the days before a marathon.

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