Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shingles Shot

A good runner friend of mine in Houston, who is in his mid-60's got Shingles a few months ago. It started on his side and affected his Sciatic nerve and ultimately left the lower part of his leg numb. He was on pain medication for a month. He recommended that I get a Shingles shot and this afternoon, I went down to Walgreens and got one.
From what I have read, if you had chicken pox when you were a kid, the diseases stays in your body in a dormant stage. Later in life (i.e. 60's) it can come back as Shingles. The possibity of getting it increases with age. The pain from burning and blistering can be severe and can go on for weeks.
The pharmacist that gave me the shot said that if I ever do get the Shingles it will not be as severe because of the shot.
I met up with the group this evening and ran a 3-mile loop on the trails.

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