Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slow Recovery

My foot felt better today, but the hamstring does not seem to be improving. My friend, John Pontikas, recommended that I take L-Glutamine Powder and Arica Muscle Rub. I bought both at the GNC store today and started taking them. Maybe that will help. I had to go to Houston this afternoon to pick up my wife from the airport, so I ran laps at the track before leaving.


Marv said...

I would imagine it is hard to recover on the run. Maybe when the marathon season is over and you are down to just streking, all these injuries might be able to heal on the run while running minimal distances. This has been going on for a while Ken. God bless you.

Streaker said...

Thanks, Marvin. You know that I belong to the U. S. Running Streak Assn and receive the quarterly newsletter. I read some of the stories about what some streakers had to do keep their streak alive while injured or sick. I realize that recovering on the run may take longer than resting. I am trying to balance marathon training, healing and streaking and that's not easy. How is your training going for the Ironman in May? I know that you can do it.