Thursday, January 5, 2012

Houston in Doubt

I hate to be negative, but I may have to skip the Houston Marathon on January 15. The distance would not be a problem. With this darn hamstring problem, I doubt that I could finish within the 6-hour time limit. Today, I received an email from them. It included my bib number, which is 518. Having run the Houston Marathon 15 times, I am in the first wave. That may give me more than 6 hours to finish. I will talk to them when I go down to the Expo the day before the race and then make a decision.
The hamstring was worse today, so I did a 1.6-mile run on the roads this evening.


Vince A. said...

Don't worry about the finish time vet, if your leg is good to go, then run! Good luck.

Streaker said...

Thanks, Vince. I'm not sure whether to rest the hamstring and let it heal or just train more and hope it gets better. I have marathons (or longer) four weekends in a row starting with Waco on January 29. I'll have to decide on Houston next week.