Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Broken Marathon Series Streak

For the last two years, I have run the Marathons of Texas (White Rock in Dallas, Houston Marathon and the Austin Marathon). By not running the White Rock Marathon on Sunday, I broke that streak. At one time, I thought about Running the Texas Trail 50K on Saturday and then driving up to Dallas for the White Rock on Sunday. However, with my injuries this fall, doing two long runs in one weekend was out. The Texas Trail 50K is one of my streak races (16 straight years), so that was more important.
I still have a 4-year streak for the Texas Marathon Triple (Texas Marathin in Kingwood in January, Surfside Beach Marathon in February and the Seabrook Marathon in March). I have already signed up for all three. I should also be able to continue my 4-year streak for the Texas Marathon Challenge (any 5 Texas marathons in a season).
This evening, I ran 2 miles on the park roads while the rest of the group ran trails. I had to get back early to attend my wife's Master Gardener Annual Christmas Dinner. There was no one there to talk about running with, but the food was good.

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