Saturday, December 3, 2011

5 Seconds

I went out to Huntsville State Park this morning to run the Texas Trail 50K, for the 16th consecutive year. It consisted of a 6.7-mile loop, followed by two 12.15-mile loops, to get in 31 miles. Cloudy day and rather warm and humid. Temperature got up into the 70's. With this hamstring problem, I know that I am running slow and cautiously. The race had a 10-hour time limit, but to continue the race, you had to start your third loop in 5 hours and 30 minutes. I ran most of my second loop with an old friend, Ed Thompson. We did not realize it until we approached the start/finish area that we were close to the 5:30 cut off. We had to boogie. We made it with only 5 seconds to spare. For the third loop, I got out ahead of Ed and passed 3 other runners. I finished in 9:50:30 and Ed came in just under the 10-hour cutoff. I never fell and messed up the hamstrings. Last year, my time was 8:50:40. My PR in this race is 6:33.25 (1999).

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