Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Anxious

I am getting anxious about my first marathon double this weekend (Surfside on Saturday and Austin on Sunday). I know that it will be a mental game on Sunday in Austin. I have never DNF'd and I no intention of getting one on Sunday. I will probably hit a wall somewhere, but will it be at 2 miles, 10 or 20? A friend advised me to get hydrated this week, stop every hour and walk during the drive from Surfside and Austin and get in a hot tub Saturday night. If you have run a double and have advice, please let me know.
I ran a 3-mile loop around town this afternoon and my foot was much better.

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Vince A. said...

If you survive that double, let us know how it felt. Think of it as two weeks of daily runs smushed into two days?