Friday, January 1, 2010

Texas Marathon

Ben and I went down to Kingwood this morning for the Texas Marathon. I ran and he worked as a volunteer. Nice weather and I expected to do well after a 5:41:19 at the Dallas White Rock Marathon a couple weeks ago. The course is a 6.55-mile course through the greenbelt in Kingwood. All concrete and you run the loop 4 times. I timed my first loop at 1:20 and I was okay with that. Mentally, the 2nd and 3rd loop got to me and I ran slow. I took on plenty of fluids at the aid stations and never walked between the aid stations. I probably took on too much fluid and had to make several pit stops. Soon after starting the 4th loop, I realized that I was on a pace to go well beyond 6 hours. Then, I really picked up speed and started passing a lot of other runners. I finished in 6:08:21. My time in this race last year was 6:06 and the year before, 6:30. Houston is next.

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