Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston Marathon

I finished the Houston Marathon today in 5:46:31. Marilynn and I got up early this morning and drove down. Logistically, everything went well. We parked in a parking garage next to the Four Seasons and hung out in the lobby at the Four Seasons until race time. They put all veterans (10 or more Houston Marathons) in the first wave. I got in the back of that wave and never had to fight the crowd. The second wave did not start for another 10 minutes and they never started catching up with me until 4 or 5 miles. I was surprized about how many friends I saw during the race, both runners and spectators. I ran the last four miles or so with Bridgette Collins of Dallas. She and I use to work together in Huntsville in the early 90's. She has since written two books on fitness. It was good to visit with her again. I have not run Houston in the past two years and noticed a big increase in the crowd along the course. Maybe it was the nice weather.

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