Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Texas Marathon Triple

I received an email today from Steve and Paula Boone, directors of the Texas Marathon in Kingwood on January 1, telling me that the Texas Marathon Triple (TMT). The TMT began two years ago and provided recognition to runners who completed the Texas Marathon, Surfide Beach Marathon in February and the Seabrook Marathon in March. Puma has backed out of awarding a jacket, but the three races will award a special T-shirt and camp. I have completed the TMT the last two years and am signed up for all three races again this year. I will have to start of "Series Streak" list. I have also completed the Texas Marathon Challenge the last two years. This is any five Texas marathons in a year. I also plan to do the Marathons of Texas (White Rock, Houston and Austin) this year if they decide to continue with the program. The real challenge will be doing Surfide and Austin the same weekend. I had better start training. I met up with the group and the park this evening and did the 4.2 mile trail run with them.


Mistyfied said...

You are a machine Ken... 2 marathons in one weekend?

Streaker said...

I dunno. I haven't done it yet.