Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flat Land Training

Us runners who run hills everyday need to run flat lands once in a while. I went down to Houston this evening for the Houston Marathon Kick-Off Party at Memorial Park, picked up my in-training T-shirt, had a couple beers, visited with a lot of friends and then ran the flat 3-mile Memorial Park loop. I did interupt my run with a stop to visit the bench dedicated to 45 year old Gary Price, the Houston Police Officer who died of a heart attack during the Huntsville Half Marathon in 1997. It was my first visit to the bench since the Houston Police dedication ceremony in late 1997. May he RIP.


BearKaTrack said...
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BearKaTrack said...

I agree with you about running on "flat land" once in a while. My experience has led me to believe that I run about 10 seconds per mile faster (when running at a moderate pace) on flat land than when I run in Huntsville. I also feel like I could handle 10-15 miles a week more if it weren't for the hills (and heat/humidity).

Of course, this is why I like training in Huntsvegas and racing in Houston :)