Monday, September 21, 2009

Losing Weight

I decided to lose some weight before running a bunch of marathons this year. I started two weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds down to 198. Obviously, I feel better, but there is a loss of strength. I needed to do a long run today, but decided to do five miles instead because of the heat. During the run, I started getting dizzy, so I walked a bit and cut the run to four miles. I'm not sure how far to go with the weight loss, but I think at least below 190. I was 184 for years before I retired from the Army in 1984. I was 159 when I came home from Vietnam in 1968. Even though I was a heavy smoker back then, I did get in some runs when I was back at the base camp. The 120 degree temperature helped keep the weight down, also.
I received my quarterly newsletter from the U.S. Running Streak Assn. ( today. I moved up a couple spaces on the streak list to 144 nationally. My friend, Vince Attanucci of The Woodlands, is 145 - and will stay behind me.

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Vince A. said...

I can't drop much weight while trying to increase the miles, it seems like you need the extra energy during the training build. Good start though, ten is a big number.

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