Thursday, September 24, 2009

Easy Day

I accepted an invitation from Coach Bill West at Huntsville Intermediate School and gave a talk on running this afternoon to his 6th grade PE class. That was fun for me and I hope they enjoyed it. Hopefully, it will inspire some to take up running as a sport. I had asked for some advice from my friend, Donna Crocker, on how to best communicate with them. One of her suggestions was that I show them some medals. I brought a few marathon finisher medals and they seemed to enjoy looking at them. As a grand finale, I brought out the huge 2 1/2 pound Texas Marathon finisher medal from last January. They applauded the medal and everyone of them had to put it around their neck before I left the building. I invited them to participate in the club run this Saturday and hopefully some will.
We had a light group at the park this evening, just the hard core runners who don't care about the possibility of rain. It was me, Hans, John, Curtis and Jacob. There was no rain during our run. I did 3 on the roads, while the rest ran trails.

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