Friday, January 14, 2022


 I was surprised about midnight last night when I received an email saying that my COVID test was positive.  I called my doc this morning and he told me to keep taking the medication he prescribed for a sinus infection.  No fever for 3 days now, just some sinus drainage, sore throat and occasional coughing.  I went out to the park late this morning and ran 4 miles on the trails, making sure I stayed clear of everyone.


Susan Sternberg said...

Sorry to hear you have Covid. I had it last week—it felt like a bad cold, with a slight fever and nasal congestion. I felt really good by day 5 and finished the Aramco Houston Half Marathon virtually on day 8 (January 14). Hope you're 100% soon!

Streaker said...

Thanks, Susan. Glad you recovered quickly. Congrats on completing the half. What course did you use?

Susan Sternberg said...

I ran around my neighborhood in Towne Lake in Cypress. Basically a one and a quarter loop course.