Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Late evening at the park

Only two of us showed up at the park this evening, me and a new guy, Anthony, who had never been to the park.  He wanted to run 4 miles, so I advised him on an out and back course.  He was much faster than me (everybody is) and I ran the same route out to nearly a mile and a half, figuring I would see him coming back in.  I waited for a while.  He never did and it got to be after 6 p.m. and nearly dark, so I ran on back in, figuring that he came back a different way and would be waiting for me.  It was totally dark when I got back and he was still out there somewhere.  I waited awhile and as I was about to "call out the dogs", he returned.  Even Anthony was not sure how he got back.
      I still have congestion, but feel stronger.  The cooler weather today helped.

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