Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Nelsons

Ten years ago, I met Dave Nelson and his high school daughter, Heather, at the Willis Wildkat 5K in Willis.  Dave was wearing an old Huntsville Half Marathon T-shirt, a race I was then directing.  We struck up a conversation, which eventually led to my talking about my running streak.  A year later, Dave contacted me by email and said that on the way home from Willis, he and Heather talked about my streak.  They decided to start one that day.  He wanted to let me know that they just completed their first year.  Since then, we have kept in touch and I have run into them at a couple races.  Heather went on to graduate from high school and college.  She is now married and working as s school teacher.  I missed 4 days in October 2009 and had to start a new streak, which is now over 7 years.  Today, Dave and Heather reached the 10-year mark on their streak.  Congratulations to them.  I am proud to had a small part of their motivation to start streaking.  I say a small part, because, as we streakers know, the motivation to run every single day has to come within.  I am borrowing their photo from FB and am including it with this post.
After working out at Iron Works this afternoon, I went to the park and ran 3 miles on the trails.  Beautiful weather.

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