Friday, August 7, 2015

Warrior 5K

I went up to Madisonville (26 miles north of Huntsville) to run the Warrior 5K at 9 tonight.  It was a non-competitive  and un-timed run..  The course was not marked very well and I and others got off course.  My friends who stayed on course said it was 2.8 miles.  According to my GPS, my route was 2.98.  I finished in 38.55.  I ran into several old friends at the race, including Mary Kaplan, who lives out near Marble Falls in central Texas.  She is 76 years old and a retired Air Force full colonel.  She is a on a quest to run a 5K and win her age group in all 254 Texas counties.  Tonight was her 200th county.  I think it was the 4th time I have seen her at a race.  I also had a chance to visit with Dr. Jennifer Sullivan of Madisonville.  I met her at a race many years ago when she was in Vet school in College Station.

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