Friday, August 28, 2015

Long day

I got a call this morning that my disabled brother-in-law fell at his house across town.  My wife was running errands so she and I met at his house and loaded him up for a trip to the doctor.  They admitted him to the hospital for 3 days to check him out.  Then, I went out to the park with an engineer wheel and made some adjustments to the Rocky Raccoon 50K/25K course.  While there, I measured about 3 miles of the new trails.  They are longer than what my GPS says, but that is always the case when measuring trails under a tree canopy.  So, I walked about 4 miles with the engineer wheel..  When I was finished, I put the wheel away and then ran a little over a mile on the trails.  This evening, I went to Houston to surprise my son, who was singing with his band at the Concert Pub.  Being 74 years old, I was really out of my element.

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