Sunday, September 21, 2014

Texas Road Romp Half Marathon

It was hot and humid in Waco this morning.  We started the Texas Road Romp Half Marathon in front of the Convention Center, the same place as the Miracle Match Marathon, which I have run several times.  There were about 250 runners for the half event.  The first couple of miles were flat and then the next six miles through Cameron Park and McClennan College were extremely hilly.  I was getting a little dizzy at one point and then made sure I took on plenty of fluids.  I was completed soaked in sweat and had sweat sloshing in my shoes.  When we finally got out of the hills around mile nine, the last four miles was along the road and on the sidewalk along the river, with the sun beating down and virtually no shade.  I was worried about overheating and walked some.  My normal finish time should have been right at 3 hours.  Not surprisingly, I finished in 3:18:30.  I was the only one in the race over 70, so I picked up a nice 1st place in age group plaque.  I then made the 2-hour+ drive back to Huntsville.  I stopped twice to buy and drink more water.


Marvin Dittfurth said...

glad you did OK, Ken...considering that you had been sick.

Streaker said...

Thanks, Marvin. I wonder how being on antibiotics affected me during the run. I slowed down a lot during the race, but it was more from getting too hot than lacking strength.