Sunday, February 2, 2014

Half Marathon - in two parts

I got up at 5 a.m. this morning and drove to College Station for the Texas 10 Series College Station 10-Mile Race.  The race started at 7:30.  It was raining, cold (42) and very strong winds.  The temperature dropped to 38 during the race.  It was a double loop course.  I finished the first loop in 1:02:26 and the second loop in 1:03:58, for a total of 2:06:06.  The weather was terrible, but I felt strong the entire race.  I was first in my age group (yes, I was the only one).  That win gives me a free entry into the same race next year.  Thanks to my trail running buddies from College Station, Christine and Shelby, for being at the finish line.  I drove back to Huntsville, took a shower and a nap and then drove down to The Woodlands to run the Sunday Night 5K.  I finished in 37:55, a little slower than normal.  So, today I ran a half marathon - 10 miles + 3.1.

2 comments: said...

I thought you looked pretty strong coming off of University Ave. before the finish. Was surprised to find that you actually were faster at Texas10 Huntsville ... then again, maybe not, since it is kind of a "home course".

Streaker said...

Thanks, Jon. I think I was about 5 pounds lighter at the Huntsville race last April.