Monday, October 1, 2012


After completing a lot of projects at home today, I went to the park and ran 7 miles on the trails and another 3 on the roads, for a total of 10.  Nice dry weather, with a cool breeze.  I just checked the weather forecast for the Tyler Rose Marathon next Sunday.  High of 66.  When I ran it year before last, it was 87.  Just hope the weather man is right on this one.  I am just anxious to get this first marathon of the season done. 


Marv said...

I bet you will like to get your marathon legs tried out. You seem to be healthier than previous, so I am forecasting a good performance and experience. I am doing the Bison Buffalo Bash (or whatever) half marathon Sat...putting a few bike miles down this week so to simulate running a half marathon off the bike on tired legs.

Streaker said...

I did not get in too many long training runs, but when you are a streaker, it seems to be easier to keep the legs going in those late miles in a marathon. Or, maybe it is the GU. Good luck in Bryan on Saturday.