Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Signed Up for the Texas Trail Endurance Run 50K

I just signed up for the Texas Trail Endurance Run 50K (31 miles) to be held at Huntsville State Park on December 1.  This is the replacement run for the Sunmart 50K held there for 19 years.  I ran the Sunmart 50K for its last 13 years and the Texas Trail Endurance Run 50K for all 3 years.  So, this will be my 17th straight.  Roger Soler always does a great job putting on this race - and I don't have to travel far to get there.  It's like running in my backyard.
Today, I felt fully recovered from the marathon on Sunday.  I know that I am probably not, so I ran only 2 miles on the roads at the park this evening.

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K said...

I am considering that race as well. Nice that they added the 50 miler, but I think I'm going to take some easy weeks after CR, so the 50 miler wouldn't be the smartest
Glad you are feeling good, Ken! You are always a source of inspiration for me!