Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Strange Encouters

I suppose we all encounter strange things when we are out running. I remember getting growled at by a bobcat while running trails and being chased by a duck when running the streets of Huntsville. Today, I was doing a 1.7-mile run on the streets. I heard someone coming up behind me and it was a guy about 15 years old who I have never seen before. He said, "You run pretty fast for an old guy. I've been trying to catch up with you for a long time." He was running in shorts and cowboy boots. He turned left and I went straight. Only in Texas!
A few years ago, I was running in the evening in July or August, when I got stopped by an old lady. She started chewing me out for running in the heat. I tried to tell her that I was use to running the heat and was always careful. Finally she said, "I hope you find Jesus so He can teach you not to run in the heat."
Another strange encounter was on the trails at the park years ago. I was running alone and saw two does on the trail ahead. They ran off, but right where they were standing there was two bucks laying on the trail. I picked up the two bucks and bought a lottery ticket on the way home, but I lost. That was the only money I have ever found on the trails.

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