Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good News and Bad News

I had my appointment with the doctor this afternoon to get the results of the MRI on my back last week. He had speculated that the arthritus in my lower back was pinching the sciatic nerve and that was causing my left left to occasionally collapse. He said the good news was that there was nothing touching my sciatic nerve and that my spine looked good. The bad news was that he did not know what was causing my leg to collapse. He said that if it continued, he would refer me to a neurologist. Well, darn; I like to get things fixed and move on.
I ran 3 miles on the roads in town in the heat of the early afternoon. I was stopped by Ramona Gonzalez, who drove by and saw me. She use to run with us, but left town about 14 years ago. She was in Huntsville for a concert. What a surprize! We had a nice visit. Then, I went to the hospital for a 6 p.m. meeting on a mud run they are putting on in Huntsville on October 29. I missed the group run at the park, but I made it out there in time for the post-run hydration. Tonight, I signed up for the new BCS Marathon in College Station on December 11. That will be the day after the Texas Trail 50K here at Huntsville State Park. I ran two marathons in one weekend two years ago, but this will be my first back to back 50K and marathon. We all need a good challenge once in a while.


Marv said...

I am sorry you don't know what is the problem. But glad the spine is OK.

Signed up for Bryan/CS marathon..and the trail run the day before....challenge is not a big enough word here..

I have signed up too, as did Doug, and DeeDee is in for the half.

Streaker said...

I have not signed up for the Texas Trail 50K yet, but will as soon as they open registration. It is one of my streak races, so I have to do it.
Sure great to see you running a marathon again. Been 10 years since your last? I did not know that Doug and Dee Dee are running BCS to. Maybe we will have a crowd over there from Huntsville.