Friday, December 4, 2009

Promoting the Downhill Dash

The club's Downhill Dash is tomorrow night and I spent much of today at Mance Park Middle School speaking to five 7th and 8th grade classes about the Downhill Dash and running in general. That was interesting, especially since it was snowing outside and most of them had never seen snow. Then, I did a one-mile run at the track and tonight I picked up my packet for the Texas Trail 50K at the Huntsville State Park tomorrow morning. Marilynn, Ben and I had the pre-race dinner at the SHSU cafeteria. Ed and Trudy Thompson joined us and we had a nice visit. Gotta get up early tomorrow. It is suppose to be 29 degrees at the start and get up to 45 in the afternoon. At least, it is not suppose to rain or snow during the race.

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