Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Long Training Runs Needed

I suppose one of the advantages of running marathons every week or so is that long training runs are not needed. One marathon becomes the last long training run for the next one. I will be doing the White Rock Marathon in Dallas on Sunday, 8 days after the Texas Trail 50K. I have not done marathons that close together, but I think I will be okay. In any case, it is part of my training for two marathons in the same weekend in February. Scroll down to the bottom for my race schedule. I ran 3 miles on the streets around town this afternoon and then worked out at Nautilus.


Vince A. said...

OK buddy, weather outlook good, plan to Rock Dallas, we'll see you up there.

Streaker said...

Good luck to you, in case I miss you in the crowd.