Monday, May 25, 2009


At about the two and a half mile point in the Run the Woodlands 5K on Saturday, I suddenly felt like my left calf knotted up. It was sore for the rest of the race, but tolerable. I had no problem with it during my run yesterday. This evening, I was running a loop around town and at about a mile and a half, I started getting sharp pains in the same calf. I walked back and that was painful. I iced it when I got home, but it is still very sore. Hopefully, it will be okay tomorrow. I may do "recovery runs" for the next couple days.
We had the Seven Hills Running Club's Memorial Day 5K in my sub-division at 10 a.m. this morning, followed by a cookout at my house. We had 28 runners for the race and more than that for the cookout. We had a great time. A special thanks to my old friends, Pete Cahill from Baytown and Loren Sheffer from Houston for coming up. Also, thanks to my wife, Marilynn, for all her work with the cookout.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I had to miss the cookout. We had a last-minute call, so had to literally fly down to Houston to finish up the tournament. We came in 4th out of 13 teams.

CE said...

It was so much fun. Thanks for the cookout!

Streaker said...

Congratulations on a good finish at the tournament. Sorry you could not make it to the race and cookout.